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Name: Michael Fucking Phoenixxx

Cock size: 8.75″ – 9″ x 5.5″ (but whose counting!?)

Eye color: Lunatic Hazel

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 6′

Shoe size: 11 Mens

Waist: 30″

Build: Slender, toned

Body art: Tattoos, piercings, scarification, implants, surgical tongue split

Orientation: Bisexual

Descent: Colombian, German / White, Latino

Position: Vers Top; you wont see me getting fucked very often

Fetish: Water sports, bukake, cum, bondage, anon, masked, muscle, bears, hairy, orgy, group, gang bang, oral, tattoos, nipple play, paddling, rimming, kissing, pits, public

Degree: BA (Art and Design/Instrumental Performance) Columbia College Chicago

Hobbies: Music, Art, Photography, Costume Design, Makeup, Installation, Performance Art, Go-go Dancing, Fetish Convention, Piercing, Massage, Interior Design, Video, Abstraction, Networking, Piano, Travel, Nightlife

Professional skills

Michaelphoenixxx.com was born in April of 2014 following the explosion of Vine, an app made for 6 second video loops. Many adult performers got a head start building a unique fan base with Vine until they removed adult content and the adult performers who emerged brought their fan base with them to independent sites. Since then the entire game has changed; it’s hard to find a performer these days who doesn’t have an only fans page or a personal site.

However, I would like to humbly say you won’t find the kind of porn like on Michaelphoenixxx.com anywhere else in current porn. I bet this stuff will end up in the erotic heritage museum one day in Las Vegas as it’s reminiscent of some of the early smut porn.

Most porn has become standardized to fit certain brands and viewers expectations. We create art with unique points of view with one studio MPX Media, while still keeping viewers horny and questioning their own fetishes. On a daily basis I get contacted by fans through Scruff and social media talking about how our movies made them comfortable with more extreme fetishes they never knew they had, seeing as we bring them to light in a comfortable, honest setting. Me and the guys in my videos range from average to super hot and we explore sex in the videos with some quirks along the way.

We also don’t stand silent. “Fuck Trump,” one of my personal favorites released last year, was made in protest and to mark a time in the porn world that reflected the current political unrest. We filmed a bukake right across from Trump Tower. It doesn’t get much better.

I like to release movies when it feels most natural, rather than spit as much out as you can to make money. This is truly an ongoing life project and outlet to express my desire to be surrounded by cock, smells and cum. To question sex itself and raise brows.



Birth of a porn star

Around memorial day of 2011, the legend Damon Dog himself came in and saw me stripping and recruited me for my first porn “Deep Dish” for Factory Videos. Oddly, many of my close friends were cast in the video as well. I started to see how incestuous this world was and within the gay culture, the degrees of separation were less than one. The video went up and advertised me on sidebars standing in a jock on Wacker Drive titled “Not your average porn star.” I had made my appearance as Spooky. Many of the dads in my fetish family still call me this.

I soon began to integrate myself into this world more by the day. I pierced at MIR 16. I photographed other porn stars. I began making homemade porn on vine and then started networking. I attended IML and Folsom Street Fair where one of my close friends helped me establish a connection with Fabscout Entertainment. I worked for them up until April of 2014 when I realized I could help myself better than larger agencies could, who prioritize the mainstream look. However, I credit them for assisting me on my second big scene with Raging Stallion, in Tony Buff’s “Twinks With Kinks,” where I made my first appearance as Michael Phoenix.

Out on my own

I enjoyed doing those videos, but I also enjoy being able to create my own, I have a vision. This is why I now am proud to introduce my own website, I am now completely independent. I will be doing cross promos with other personalities you may also love and recognize as much as me. I cant wait to work with beautiful people with good hearts and personalities. I thank Ts Madison for inspiring me to claim my niche and independently market it. I also thank the countless famous drag queens who have helped spread the word of Michael Phoenixxx.

There will be a certain closeness between me and the actors I choose because the way I shoot is real and private. There will be a hint of my art incorporated and you will be able to follow me in the blog and through all my other social media outlets for free.

I need you guys and my fans to support me so I can build this into something big.

Body art

My body modifications were all acquired in a short period. I have a tongue split, bear claw chest scarification, silicone forearm implants, full sleeves, stretched piercings etc. I also have done a suspension and pierced for performances. I am a musician to and write my own music to typically be performed with other performance artist or drag queens. I am constantly making art that questions the viewers perspective and vices. I enjoy a skewed sense of reality and am incredibly passionate. I am half Colombian half German.

Photo by Derek Laguana

Photo by Derek Laguana


My bisexuality is a gray area for a lot of you. Ill put it this way, I have slept with woman and find it incredibly hot. Would I date a girl? No. I live a gay lifestyle.

I also find FTM’s extremely hot. After meeting Buck Angel and discussing the potential for a scene between me and him I was so turned on and inspired. I will be featuring FTM Performers on this site.


If you have suggestions, things you wanna see, or if you are interested in modeling or collaborating with me email mymichaelphoenixxx@gmail.com

Thanks I love all of you!


  1. ralpheboi30. kik
    January 3, 2015

    I love your split tongue and that platinum dick. I’d give anything to have one that size.
    I’d love to gorge your.
    Kik me above.

  2. Dennis
    June 1, 2015

    I have to say today is the first time I saw your videos i will say you are very hot but i found that your vids have something special to them I guess what I mean to say is I feel that your are being yourself and I love that. Keep those vids cumming and good luck.

  3. seaguy
    October 17, 2015

    You are so fucking hot. Next time you visit Seattle again I would love to give you a proper welcoming to Seattle ;-)

  4. Ray Powell
    March 22, 2017

    Hey there. I haven’t seen an escort or massage add for you lately. You still take clients? I’m going to be in Chicago soon.


  5. Rod
    November 18, 2017

    You ever in LA? I want your load

  6. Joe
    January 19, 2018

    Can u come over

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    February 23, 2021

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    February 28, 2024

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    I am from Dover New Jersey 07801 USA.
    Thanks, keep in touch,


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